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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

92 Degrees of Separation?

Typically in February (so I'm running a bit late), we begin our contest called, 70 Degrees of Separation.  It's our take on the movie with Kevin Bacon called Six Degrees of Separation.  Anyway, we have  a contest where NEIRRS Volunteers guess the first 70 Degree day.  Winners get to choose from a selection of top selling books that we've chosen.  

Since the Winter was never Winter, and the Spring seems to have Sprung a bit early...we are already scheduled to have 70 degree temperatures this week!  That means if we're going to have a contest, we're going to have to set the separation (or temperature) a bit higher.

Watch for more information about our NEW contest -- 92 Degrees of Separation!  Get out your abacus and your Farmers' Almanac NEIRRS Volunteers!  You can even take off your shoes if you feel like it.  Make your best guess for the first 92 degree day as reported by Noaa Weather for Fort Wayne, Indiana.  One guess per person.  Slips will be at the NEIRRS counter today!

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