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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

NEIRRS Blog Page Ends

As part of the social media strategy for the Allen County Public Library, blogs are being consolidated to save time and offer visitors a more attended interactive approach.  So it's time to end our NEIRRS blog.  Please sign-up for our electronic newsletter if you haven't already by writing to:  Please include "newsletter request" in the subject line.

Please visit the library's main blogs and join in...
And remember to "Like" ACPL on Facebook:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maiden Voyage of NEIRRS Electronic Newsletter

Hopefully, you will receive our first electronic NEIRRS Newsletter in your email today.  What's that?  You didn't get yours??  Well, just send an email to and ask to be added to our list.

It's amazing all the cool things that are going on at NEIRRS -- don't be left out!  Sign-up! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

92 Degrees of Separation?

Typically in February (so I'm running a bit late), we begin our contest called, 70 Degrees of Separation.  It's our take on the movie with Kevin Bacon called Six Degrees of Separation.  Anyway, we have  a contest where NEIRRS Volunteers guess the first 70 Degree day.  Winners get to choose from a selection of top selling books that we've chosen.  

Since the Winter was never Winter, and the Spring seems to have Sprung a bit early...we are already scheduled to have 70 degree temperatures this week!  That means if we're going to have a contest, we're going to have to set the separation (or temperature) a bit higher.

Watch for more information about our NEW contest -- 92 Degrees of Separation!  Get out your abacus and your Farmers' Almanac NEIRRS Volunteers!  You can even take off your shoes if you feel like it.  Make your best guess for the first 92 degree day as reported by Noaa Weather for Fort Wayne, Indiana.  One guess per person.  Slips will be at the NEIRRS counter today!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mayor Henry is a Guest Reader at NEIRRS

We've had great success with our annual Guest Reader Month at NEIRRS!  Community leaders join regular reading volunteers to read from the Journal Gazette or News-Sentinel during February.  A few read magazines.  It's a fun way to introduce our service to new people.  Of course we ask them to help us spread the word.  All in all we've had 17 guests and added 4 new readers because they so enjoyed their experience with us.  Mayor Tom Henry was able to join us on Leap Day and really helped us end our month on a high note!

A big thank you to all our Guests -- and another big thank you to our regular volunteers who made that experience so positive!

The link above and at the end, is to a YouTube video that includes most of our guests.  Enjoy! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guest Reader Month is Heating Up!

Unlike the February forecast, NEIRRS studios are heating up!  We will hold our third annual Guest Reader Month this February and we have some terrific community leaders joining us.  You won't believe it!  Over 14 people have reserved dates so far to read the Journal Gazette or the News-Sentinel with us -- and at least one of them is someone really famous!  

Stay tuned to learn more, and spread the word about NEIRRS.  Help us provide our reading service to more people in 2012 than ever before!  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colds, Contests, and Countdowns!

Many of us at NEIRRS have decided to celebrate the 50 degree January temperatures with colds!  I guess we're determined to have "cold" one way or another.

Regardless, spirits are high, and we're excited to be entering a few of our 2011 readings in the annual 
 International Association of Audio Information Services Program Awards contest.  NEIRRS is a member of the IAAIS, and we were one of the judges (no one gets to judge their own work) last year, but did not have any entries of our own.  This year we have four.  The Weekend, with reader Cari Kyle; New Yorker, with reader Adie Baach; AARP, with reader Bob Jones; and a NEIRRS Radio Playhouse performance of Christmas Shopping (Archie Andrews script).  

So hold a good thought for our entries and 'weather' the cold and flu season as best you can.  Spring isn't that far away!  See the countdown to the right!