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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sign Up for Guest Reader Month!

February is Guest Reader Month at NEIRRS.  What are Guest Readers?  Just some of the most important readers, ever!  Why?  Because they join us to learn what NEIRRS is all about, and then share their new found knowledge with others.  Sometimes they help influence future donations.  Sometimes they help us find new listeners.  And sometimes they become regular readers at NEIRRS.  It's definitely a win win win!  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they have a lot of fun bringing the printed word to life for our listeners!  

So if you can read aloud from the local newspapers with some fluency and you have 3 hours to share, call NEIRRS Manager, Lisa Bordner, at 421-1375 and schedule to be a Guest Reader in February.  You'll sit-in with two experienced readers and read along with them, live, on-air.  And you'll learn why reading to people who are blind or print-impaired is fun and rewarding.

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