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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October Begins

We are beginning October with the typical mix of Autumn weather, cold and rainy one day, then hot and sunny the next.  A forgotten color has!  We are so happy to see green grass again, and trees that don't look sad.  Of course this means we will be mowing, then raking, then blowing and maybe even mowing again!  Fall is beautiful and unpredictable, just like life.

Actors for the first installment of our NEIRRS Radio Playhouse will be recording in mid October.  The finished program will be aired for the pleasure of our listeners over the Thanksgiving break.  Copies will be available on CD for a suggested donation of $1.00 each - just to cover the cost of materials.

If you haven't stopped by to talk with Amy Hoffman - please do!  Amy is our new Office Assistant.  She is bright, charming, and talented!  We're very happy to have her on our team.

Tell us what you're reading.  What's your latest hobby?  We'd love to know.  Amy has updated our bulletin board with new information and photos.  She'll be regularly updating - so feel free to share your books and hobbies and we'll add them to the bulletin board.  Have you just come back from Brown County, Michigan, or Amsterdam?  Do you have a new grandchild?  Share a picture!  We love to connect and learn what's going on.  We can copy the photo and return the original.  

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