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Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy is Great!

Feeling left out or blue?  Well you'll have to put on running shoes to keep up with us.  Here are a few things that have been going on at NEIRRS in April:

Lisa went to Boston to attend the National Conference on Media Reform.  It was awesome and inspiring.  She attended on behalf of the IAAIS (International Association of Audio Information Services).  Lisa's on their board and the IAAIS is very concerned about the future of accessibility for people who are disabled -- and by association, the future of delivery for our various reading services.  

Along that subject, how does NEIRRS stack up?  Well, NEIRRS is webstreaming, available by Podcast, available as one of the audio choices in the iBlink application, and networking like crazy with other programs.  Lisa is also working on expanding availability locally to hospitals and assisted living centers who have closed circuit TV systems.  

The whole staff is involved in welcoming Meredith - who joined NEIRRS in April as a weekend Control Room Operator.  She'll be running the board every other Saturday and Sunday.  Stop in to say hello if you're reading.

We've created two new email databases to help us communicate more frequently.  We now have a "weekend reader" database, and a "week day reader" database.  Watch your email for NEIRRS News!

Everyone is preparing for Volunteer Recognition, too!  This year's Volunteer Recognition Luncheon is June 2nd at the Towne House.  Volunteers join us from noon to 1:30 for a great meal and some major appreciation for the 6500 hours they volunteered last year to provide our 24/7 service.

You will also see Lisa and Advisory Council Members or Reading Volunteers exhibiting at many of the area's Focus on Health locations.  Grab your best friend and get a check of your health at one of the FOH screening locations.   

In May you'll see Lisa and volunteers exhibiting at Senior Circle Expo at Safety Village on May 6th and at the DisABILITY Expo at the Coliseum on May 7th.

The 3rd week in May Lisa will be going to the IAAIS Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO.  Another networking, learning, and leading opportunity.  Lisa's been asked to moderate the Wizard Panel - discussing new technology opportunities for Member Stations.  

And don't forget the Central Lions Bill Smith Golf Outing on May 26th.  The Central Lions have been organizing this fund raiser for many years, and NEIRRS is one of 4 blind service recipient agencies that benefits.  Grab your clubs and fill out an application to participate!

It's already a GREAT SPRING!

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