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Monday, March 21, 2011

NEIRRS begins blog transformation

During 2011, we'll be changing over our Blog page from to
Oddly enough, "NEIRRS" wasn't available when we started our Blog two years ago...but now it is.  So, it should be much easier for you to remember and easier for you to follow what's going on at NEIRRS.

We'll be posting to both Blog locations for 2011 and then moving over to just the address in 2012.  Stay with us and be sure to share your comments.  You have to register for a G-mail account (that means you have to sign up for a free gmail email address to comment) - but it's easy and free. Tell us what you're reading, why you enjoy volunteering at NEIRRS, and if you know anyone whose life has been improved by using the NEIRRS service.

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